Production of a parallel site for the Point Virgule's second theatre.

Website production with streaming of the exhibition's video projections.

One of the most important cultural centres of eastern Paris, La Colline is the newest of the Parisian national theatres funded by the Ministère de la Culture. We produce and maintain their new website.

République de la Malbouffe is a documentary by Jacques Goldstein produced by Rebus. Released in February 2012, the film explores the political, financial and health implications of industrial food.

Pharmaceutical online tool

Directly opposite our Paris office, the Point Virgule has been a launchpad for comedy talent for the last 40 years. We redesigned their website and gave them a custom-designed content management interface that keeps pace with the tremendous output of this iconic theatre.

Daily web newsletter with daily video interviews.

Interactive 3D web animation explaining the new French safety requirements and their timetable.

Produced as part of the observatory's corporate identity.

The institute's public website and intranet. Produced as part of the organization's new visual identity. 

Essentia Futura advises family-office clients, organising conferences, providing advice on philanthropy and education on family wealth topics. We gave them a fresh website and helped focus their business identity.

Website and photo-shoot

Through, the human-rights organisation No Peace Without Justice campaigns for the protection and promotion of human rights, democracy, the rule of law and international justice. We designed their website, sharpened up their visual identity and created a template for their publications.

Grand Point Virgule

Production of a parallel site for the Point Virgule's second theatre.